Zapp Packaging Advice 

Understanding your packaging options

Transforming your packaging ideas from good to great starts with the best packaging advice. Developing new stand-out packaging or refreshing old packaging starts with understanding all your options.  We listen to all your packaging ideas and then uncover everything needed to deliver perfect packaging solutions including:

Packaging Options

What’s going inside your packaging

The basic purpose of packaging is to contain something so we need to start by understanding your product. Is it big or small, heavy or light, strong or fragile? Does it come in multiple sizes? Whatever is going inside will help decide the size, shape and weight of your packaging.

Fragile Packaging

Is your product low-cost, premium or somewhere in between?

A key benefit of perfect packaging is that it helps buyers believe your product is worth the asking price. At Zapp Packaging we can help you create packaging solutions that support and enhance your product’s value.


This is about balancing buyer appeal with packaging practicalities; things such as strength, durability, ease of use, method of opening and closing, protection of products, legal and hygiene regulations and ease of stacking, packing and shipping.


What your competitors are doing

How will your packaging stand-out from your competitors? Looking at your competitors’ packaging helps determine where and how your packaging can get that added edge so buyers choose you!


Applying fresh thinking to your branding

Here’s where we get creative; designing your packaging in a way that enhances your branding so it stands out in a crowded marketplace.

It’s about finding innovative ways to connect with your consumers.

Fresh Thinking

Using QR Codes

QR what we hear you say!  QR codes are a type of barcode that buyers can scan with their smartphones giving them a direct connection to your website for contests, product info, games, subscriptions – the list goes on.

We’re industry specialists in the use of QR codes on packaging.

QR Codes

The special finishing touch

This is about all those specialist finishing techniques that take your packaging from good to great – cutting, folding, collating, gluing, laminating, embossing, foil stamping and more. Even the simplest carton can become truly special with the right finishing touch.


Where will it be sold?

Is your product going to be sold in a bricks and mortar store or over the internet? Will it sit in a freezer, on a shelf or in a warehouse? Does it need to withstand heat or cold, damp or dry conditions? Thinking first about the possibilities ensures your packaging can handle any situation.


How will it be shipped?

Your packaging needs to arrive looking as good as when it left your business. You may need to pack your products into outer cartons to protect them and and make shipping easier. But what about when they reach their final destination? Can your products be easily removed without damaging the packaging? Other things to look at include if you are shipping locally, nationally or internationally and the number of stages in the supply chain.


Packaging materials

If you think that all paper and cardboard is the same, think again! We can package anything and everything so there’s a type of board for every packaging application. We’ll advise you on the absolute right one to meet your packaging needs.

Packaging Options

Cleaner, greener packaging

More and more consumers are concerned about the effect of packaging on the environment. Investing in packaging that’s made from recycled or sustainably sourced paper and printed with environmentally-friendly vegetable inks is a great way to connect with your buyers.

At Zapp Packaging, sustainability is not just a buzz word; it’s good for the planet, people and profits.

Recyclable Packaging