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Sustainability is more than a buzz word.
It’s great for the planet, people and profits.

Are your customers concerned about the impact of packaging on the environment? As industry leaders in sustainable packaging, we can help you make the move to more sustainable packaging products. Some of your options include:


  • Printing with vegetable oil based inks as they are made from a renewable source unlike traditional petroleum-based inks
  • Using recycled paper, reducing environmental impact and cost
  • Using FSC certified paper which guarantees the paper comes from sustainable forestry programmes
  • Making your packaging products lighter and smaller, saving material and freight costs and reducing wastage
  • Creating packaging products that can be re-used, saving money and reducing wastage
  • Exploring design options that maximise material usage, reducing  wastage and the amount of materials for production

Sustainability doesn’t start or stop at cleaner, greener packaging. It’s an attitude to environment responsibility that we aim to respect at all times including:


  • Using recycled products wherever we can on the factory floor and in the office
  • Practising waste minimisation by recycling paper and cardboard
  • Using energy-efficient  lighting throughout
  • Continually monitoring electricity and water usage
  • Using production methods that require the least amount of transport