Our President

Our Vision

I have always believed and continue to believe that respected, happy, and motivated co-workers are the key to any company’s success. The name Zapp was borne out of this belief; by “zapping” you are “charging/motivating people” (vs. “sapping/de-motivating”) to give their true best all of the time.

I also believe that when motivated people are part of an organization/environment truly committed to process improvement principles (Total Quality Management & ISO9001 Principles) the outcome and results will be extraordinary! Hence, the systematic approach, by a servant leadership group, focused and committed to these beliefs and principles, will ensure that Zapp Packaging can and will consistently provide its core customers’ offerings of innovative and cost effective structural design solutions, passionate service, very competitive prices, effective execution of our customers’ projects and on-time deliveries, and the highest level of quality performance, every time, for every customer. That is the only way to earn business from new customers and retain business from existing customers!

Vincent Randazzo