At Zapp Packaging, we believe that accuracy and integrity are vital to the success of any cosmetic brand. We provide innovative solutions that help boost the shelf presence of your brand while maintaining the integrity of the packaging. Our thorough knowledge and experience in cosmetic packaging means that you can always count on us for precision when it comes to your print and colour matching requirements.




We provide rigorous quality and safety control throughout our printing and manufacturing processes. This is achieved through our Quality Management System and specialised Pharmaceutical Procedures. We can provide Certificates of Compliance, Sampling Plans and other specifically required Quality Assurance documentation with the delivery. Our gluing line is equipped with state of the art verification systems capable of verifying unique aspects of a carton such as Pharmacodes, Barcodes and Data Matrix Codes.  



Zapp Packaging offers a thorough packaging solution for your products. We provide food grade packaging boards suitable for freezer packaging, allowing your product to maintain a high level of hygene and quality throughout manufacturing, distribution and retail. Not only do we provide quality packaging, but we can also improve the visual quality of the packaging by considering various finishes.



The quality of healthcare packaging must be consistently at the highest of standards, from manufacturing through to retail, there is no margin for error. We are a trusted source for healthcare packaging for many local and international brands. Zapp Packaging understands the importance of high quality, attention grabbing packaging, and we aim to provide you with the best possible outcome for your products