Zapp Packaging maintains an FTP service for the convenience of our customers to transfer files to or from Zapp Packaging.


You can use windows explorer and you will enter ftp.zappackaging.com  in the address bar.

We recommend that you install an FTP client and our preferred choice is FileZilla client for ease of use and compatibility, but any other client should also work. If you use FileZilla, you must enter ftp.zappackaging.com in the hostname.


To use our FTP site, you will receive a unique login name and password, and you will have access to only one folder that is specifically designated for your use. Your Project Manager will provide this information to you.


To login to our FTP site:


1.       Start your FTP program

2.       Type the following address into the address line: ftp://zappackaging.com

3.       Type your login name into the login name line

4.       Type your password into the password line

5.       If you don’t have a customer login, you can use our generic one:

•        User: General

•        Password: Zapp1234

6.       Click “Go” or “Connect” or its equivalent

7.       Upon successful login, you will land in your designated folder. You are free to save or delete files and create subfolders.


Different FTP programs all perform these functions (e.g. – connect, disconnect, upload, download, delete, rename, etc.) but may use slightly different terminology, may appear differently on your screen, and may behave in differing ways (e.g. – put your upload or download into a queue for processing). So, it is important for you to become familiar with how your FTP program operates.


We also have a generic login available. You don’t need a designated login and password and you will use a folder that is accessible by all customers.