The gluing process involves the folding and gluing of the flat card material into a finished carton. The die-cut and pre-creased card is folded together, and strong adhesive is applied using our two specialist gluing lines.

Finishing Department

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Our technologies not only rapidly produce efficient and reliable results but also reduces your packaging costs and a prompt delivery time. Combined with our manufacturing capabilities, Zapp Packaging can work to produce exceptional results even on the most aggressive production schedule.


Our versatile, high-speed equipment maximizes the efficiency and functionality of your product. The models include:

Bobst Visionfold Gluer

Elite 6 Corner Gluer w/2 Leary Glue System

Media 100 Straight Line Gluer w/2 HHS Glue System

Kohlmann F1050 Window Patcher

HHS XM 12-4 Hot Melt Glue System

HHS XBM 20-04 P.U.R. Glue System

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Finishing Area


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