Before production even begins, our packaging engineers at Zapp Packaging can provide you with custom cutter profiles for your folding packaging solution. Carefully computed, from the main body to the intricate tabs, folds, and slits which help to lock it in to place, exact measurements consider the material being printed on for the best results.

Preparing a Die

Diecutting Process




We use state-of-the-art die-cutting machinery to cut and crease material into your desired carton shape and structure. Every feature is cut or creased with precision, so all parts come together, whether slotted, folded or glued. Our die-cut machine produces multiple identical copies, never allowing for even the slightest deviation in cuts or folds. Everything is meticulously checked and rechecked, so your folded carton packaging is retail ready.


Embossing is achieved through a combination of pressure and heat on the card material. A metal die and counter die, raise or push the fibres of the heated card into the desired shape. The result is an effect where lettering, patterns or pictures appear more 3-dimensional than the surrounding surfaces. 

There’s also debossing, which is the opposite of embossing. This is where the surface is lowered instead of raised and creates a nice 3D effect and distinctive visual element.


Foil Rolls


Foiling, otherwise known as hot foil stamping, is where a heated metal block is used to transfer foil pigment onto card. With the combination of heat and pressure, the foil which is chemically etched onto the metal block in the desired shape, is transferred to the carton material.


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