The structural Packaging of a product is the center of a user’s interaction and its importance should never be underestimated. It could be said that for a brand, the packaging is the single most important communication tool at their disposal capable of engaging the consumer.  Whether it be the product itself or a means of delivering it, the packaging has the final opportunity to reinforce the advertising massage, the product benefits and the brand intention and position all within fractions of a second.

Dedicated Design Team

Comprehensive Design Service

Zapp Packaging offer a comprehensive design service which is tailored to your brands packaging requirements.
From a ‘start-ups’ very first carton, to high end retail products or advance interior fitments, our team will work with you to create a product specific to your needs. We use the latest packaging design software along with our state of the art cutting table, to ensure an accurate prototype of your box design. Our design capabilities include; Structural design, Material testing, Graphic design and final prototyping.

It’s Not Just a Package – It’s a Handheld Billboard  and in addition to being an ad in your customers’ hands, great design optimizes the size and space of your shipments for maximum cost savings. The process begins with an extensive pre-creation evaluation of your business needs. This ensures your packaging addresses your specific process, products and pain points. After a thorough review, experts will provide suggestions for best practices and practical improvements to save you time, money and headaches.


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