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Our experts can interpret your needs and advise you on the best carton or box type, board grade, adhesive method, as well as special requirements like perforation, zip tear, etc. We will bring in our team of experts to ensure that your project is effectively and seamlessly executed to your expectations


Structural design is a solutions-driven process which considers functional requirements such as strength, fit, stability, and ease of assembly. We use Artios CAD to create and visualize designs that are creative and practical. We then use our Kongsberg cutting table for rapid prototyping of the designs. With such CAD/CAM technology, we are able to very quickly go through design iterations and arrive at the optimal solution.


We have developed the expertise to not only design your cartons but assist you in choosing the best practice methods of achieving your packaging requirements functionally as well as visually. With attention to customers specific requirements your art is proofed and archived to ensure accuracy of both the art content and any revisions made to it to ensure that they are not only meeting your requirements but also tracking your changes.


Printing with Zapp Packaging means cost-efficient quality production using high-end technology and dedicated artisans.

Diecutting: Using late model flat bed die cutters, quality is achieved with high precision and accuracy.

Finishing: We can offer straight line glue, crash base glue , Geitz or clam shell style gluing, window patching, 4 & 6 corner gluing.