Zapp Packaging Digital Art Requirements

Use this document as a guideline to prepare your artwork to meet Zapp Packaging’s print requirements.

If you require any assistance, have questions or concerns, please contact the Prepress Department at



After you have signed and approved your structure for production contact

your salesperson or account manager to obtain a template eps file of the structure.

Building your artwork on this template will assure proper size and fit of your graphics.

DO NOT MODIFY THE STRUCTURE as this may result in incorrect size and style.

Providing Proofs

Zapp Packaging requires that all jobs be accompanied by a hard copy printout of the file. The printout should be clearly marked for size and color breaks. These proofs should be a reflection of the file(s) submitted. If changes are made to the electronic file(s) after the proofs are printed, please indicate these changes directly on the proofs.

Digital Proof


Mac or PC

PC vs Mac

File Naming:   

When creating file or folder names use alpha numeric characters only;

DO NOT USE THESE CHARACTERS. ( ) < > / \ | ? + = ! @ $ % ^ & * , ; : “ ‘, or any characters requiring the use of the option key. Use a period only one time in a file name. Using these characters can cause files to corrupt when electronically transferred or stored on file servers. It is best to name files using lower case with underscore _ in place of spaces.

File Naming


Dropbox, WeTransfer and Zapp FTP are best transfer methods for files. Each item being printed should be packaged by its own. Inside this package there should be the final artwork file used to generate your supplied proof, a separate folder containing fonts used in the artwork file, another separate folder containing any imported, placed or linked images.

FTP Transfer


We can accept all of the latest design software to including:

Adobe Illustrator CC and earlier (for vector elements (line art/text) only)

Adobe Photoshop CC and earlier (for raster elements (photographs) only.  

Please do not create artwork for the entire package in Photoshop.

Adobe InDesign XD CC and earlier

If you are using a software package that is not listed above, please contact the Prepress Department for assistance at or calling 909-930-1500.



Remove layers you do not intend to print or designate as non-printing. Make sure all elements are on the

correct layer. Dieline/structure layers are non-printing layers. Any elements you wish to have print that are left on these layers will not print.



Make sure all raster images are at least 300dpi at 100% in order to produce the highest quality result. 72dpi may look good on screen but will result in poor image quality on printed products.



Please include all printer and screen fonts. All PC fonts must be converted to outlines. Do not use the type style menu, or control bar to stylize your type. Select the actual stylized font from the font menu. For example, use HELVETICA BOLD instead of applying a “bold” style to the Helvetica font.



Colors used in documents should match the colors specified for printed inks. Please delete all unused colors from the color palette in both the document and links. Undercolor or Rich Black should be provided as 60% Cyan, 40% Magenta, 40% Yellow and 100% Black. Please specify if inks are to print as spots or convert to process, if rich blacks or undercolors are used, or any other special requirements that may need special attention.


Drop shadow: 

Drop shadows should be created as one-color black. If shadows are not one-color black, color casting will develop, and the shadow will appear reddish or bluish. If you are unsure how to create a one-color shadow, please call and we will be happy to assist you.

Drop Shadow


Do not use the width “HAIRLINE” for any rule or line weight.



Do not apply any trapping to the file. Note any special overprints or requirements on the proof you supply.



All files should be built with 1/8” bleed.



Keep all copy a minimum of 1/16” away from edge of scores. All text that you desire to print as black should be colorized only as 100% black.


Foil Stamping:

Minimum weight is .5pt  . Minimum type size is 6pt. Type size may require increasing size based on weight of font. Foil stamping must be kept at least 1/4” away from any score or trim.

Foil Stamping


To Ensure Art Will Print Correctly

Prior to the press run, Zapp will output a digital proof for customer approval. Please carefully review this proof for final approval of content. While we strive to ensure there are no errors, there are times when files provided have unforeseen corruptions or design flaws for which Zapp is unaware. With the exception of spot colors and color matching, the digital proof we provide to you is the way the artwork will actually print and should be completely checked for content.